So, M-Pro Designs , or perhaps it should read

"Why my retirement is so busy"!


Back in 1991 i set about designing a new surf kayak in a garage at the bottom of my garden. It was purely because the type of boat i wanted to surf simply wasnt available and i figured i could make something more akin to what i wanted . After several months beavering away the first one came out of the mould , Red and Yellow it was given the name "Jester" Little did i know that event was going to set the direction of my life for the next 25 years .


Malcolm in Jester, M-Pro

Since 1991, "Mega Performance Kayaks" has grown into the World's Premier manufacturer and designers of surf kayaks and has manufactured around 10,000 kayaks over those years.


Roll forward to spring 2014 and aged 59, i had always had in my mind that retirement at 60 seemed like a good idea , more time with family , time for all those fun things that had somehow got put to one side over the years . The right oportunity came up early summer and in mid September i shipped out the last kayak from Bude and production moved to the secure hands of Pete Holgate and Aaron Breedon in Hampshire. 


In preparation for my "retirement", a suitable "man shed" was constructed at the bottom of the garden in Kilkhampton to house all the " overdue projects" that needed doing. 


Fat Chance!! Once a creator, always a creator, and that was an itch that definately needed to be scratched .

With a background in aerospace engineering, where everything has to be 100%+ (a philosophy i had always tried to build into "Mega") the idea of looking at some "new" and some "updated" products for the paddlesports market, that has been my life for so many years , was just to tempting to let go by.


So, welcome to M (Malcolm) Pro (Pearcey) Designs. The strive for quality , performance, and innovation goes on.


And Retirement? Well, that can wait a while.



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