M-Pro Power Belt, Quad Belt
The M-Pro Designs "Power Belt" has been developed with comfort, control and above all safety of use as the design criteria.
The single handle release ensures that both buckles release together, adjustment for padding position and belt tension is achieved by 2 sets of adjusters, one set on the buckles and one set on the pads.
Suitable for use on a variety of craft; Ski, Kayak and SOT
Want to upgrade you existing belt buckles or even make up your own belt?
Our new M-Pro hook buckle is the perfect solution. No fancy springs or clips to fail when it matters most; just quality, simple, safe, British engineering
M-Pro fin adaptor
Tired of the limited choice of fins available for your long box?
Introducing the M-Pro Designs Fin Adaptor range; manufactured from aerospace grade aluminium, machined to exacting tolerances and anodised for corrosion resistance, our adaptors open up your choice of fin size, shape and manufacturer.
Available in Future, FCS & Wake options.
Suitable for use on any craft fitted with a long box.
M-pro lap Belt

The Lap Belt from M-Pro Designs with its' superb quick release Stainless Steel buckle and thick padded straps will give you the confidence to hit those big moves with the reassurance that the buckle or the tension isn't going to fail at that critical moment

Easy to adjust the tension  from both straps with the double layered velcro and simple to fit on a wide variety of craft


M-pro surf fins

Our M-ProDesigns Fins are manufactured from top quality G10, high fibre density epoxy laminate to ensure strength and durability. CNC machined for accuracy, and hand finished to a high quality finish. They are supplied with stainless steel screw and nickel plated square nut.

FCS and Longbox style are  available as tri-fin sets, left and right are single foiled and centre is dual foiled.

Wake fins are sold singly and are dual foiled.

Colours are translucent red with white M-Pro Designs Logo. 


Fin sizes start at 2.5" ( 63mm)

M-Pro Anchor Points

Need to fit some mountings for a belt, to tie down air bags , to attatch a padlock/ cable or some other accessories ?

Then the M-Pro Designs Anchor Points are the answer.                       Laser Cut in Aluminium and then anodised for protection, they will not look out of place in the most expensive craft. Fitting can be either by laminating over the ends or by screwing in place, dependant upon the application.


Dimensions 50mm x 8mm clearance




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