Gary Fawcett

Based in bonny Scotland, Gary has been fundamental in presenting the visual image of Mega and now M-Pro with his  superb graphics. A very keen paddler, Gary can be found ripping it up in both the surf or his local whitewater.

We would love to have him take up residence in Cornworld , but will have to make do with his annual trips "down south"


Gary Fawcett, Team M-Pro

Denzil Pearce

A paddler for many years "super geek" Denzil is one of a kind . Mass's of experience of both surf and whitewater kayaking , Denzil's unique trademark hat can be seen at paddling meets all over Europe. Denzil has competed at World Surf kayak championships , and when hes not playing he does something called "coding" . I think thats geek for computer programming ! A nicer ,more helpful guy you'd be hard pushed to find . 

Sam Jones, Team M-Pro

ISam Jones 

Sam started out as a kayak paddler in a past life and is now an exciting and accomplished wave skier. A true adventurer, Sam, along with girlfriend Lucy, has paddled in Australia, Bali, South Africa, Spain and Portugal to name but a few, as well as all over the UK. 

He has competed in both World and European Championships.

Lucy Garbutt, Team M-Pro

Lucy Garbutt

One of Europe's top female wave ski paddlers, Lucy travels the world, along with fiance Sam, honing her skills at some of the best surf breaks.

Lucy has also competed in both World and European Championships. When not out in the surf, she can be found looking after others in her nursing role. 

Glyn Brackenbury, Team M-Pro

Glyn Brackenbury (The Coach)

I have had the pleasure of working with Glyn on all sorts of kayaking related project for over 15 years with "Mega" and it is only natural to continue that association, with both M-Pro and personally, as Glyn is a true friend.

Widely recognised as one of the very best kayaking coaches in the World, Glyn's paddling achievements are many and varied; A World Championship Medalist, British Champion and has even paddled solo from Land's End to John O'Groats, to mention just a few. His knowledge on boat design and performance, from many years in the sport, is invaluable.

Denzil Pearce, Team M-Pro

Tony Cherry

Tony is a World class wave skier , having reached finals in several World Chamipionships , Winner of multiple national NZ titles , Winner of US Nationals , to mention a few . Originally fron Christchurch NZ , Tony is now based on Australia's Gold Coast . Vice President of the Australia Wave Ski Association  and a  member of the KS waveski team we are delighted Tony has chosen M-Pro to fit out his ski. 

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